Episode 51 – Ed Skoudis and the SANS Holiday Hack!

Main topic

  • Interview with Ed Skoudis!
    • Who’s this guy?
      • Counter Hack, founder
        • Netwars
      • SANS instructor
      • Holiday Hack
    • Hacking in the physical world
      • Epic office
      • Free Pie
    • Holiday Hack
      • What’s new this year?
      • What does the infrastructure for this beast look like?
      • Why is the gate still up?
    • Listener questions:
      • How do you manage your time?
      • Do you have any favorite stories about your time in the industry?


  • Jason broke his server, again
    • Atomic!
    • OSTree
  • Nate fixed his jeep
  • Charles has running model trains!


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Intro and Outro music credit: Tri Tachyon, Digital MK 2

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