Episode 89 – Dealing with Vendors

Welcome to Episode 89

Main Topic

  • Vendors, and how to deal with them
    • Also, support from your vendors



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  • Chuck Gehman has passed


  • Apparently foreign reviews are foreign to Itunes..
    • Ratingscatcher.com 
  • From Tooper_ish back in July (5-stars):
    • These admins Rock!                           

    • Charles, Nate and their co-hosts really rock the news and events in the systems world. With a nice leaning towards open source/’nix but updates in general tech goings on are abound…
  • From sabertooth604 from August of 2019 (5 stars):
    • Useful info and entertaining                           

    • I listen to Iron Sysadmin on regular basis. This podcast contains useful relevant information covering a plethora of subjects. Nate, Jason, Dustin and the others definitely deliver an entertaining view on information technology. πŸ™‚ thanks and keep up the good work!! (From Canada)                       




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