Episode 130b – Trump Trading Cards, Russia Hacks, Lastpass Breach, and Okta goes unwittingsly opern source.

Welcome to Episode 130b





  • Nate
    • New Wifi! I’ve joined the Ubiquiti club.
    • TSO
  • Paul
    • Framework laptop
    • Manjaro linux
    • Podcast automation.
  • unclemarc
    • https://mastomarc.ddns.net/@admin
    • I need to test cert renewal. Thanks to my ISP, I can’t use the web (port 80) based method and had to use the DNS text entry to validate. Hopefully renewal just uses 443. (using Let’s Encrypt)
    • I also deactivated my Twitter account once Elon went full anti-vaxx
    • Did I talk about my tiny Mastodon instance yet?
    • Valve released a silly patch for Steamdeck which changed the mount path of the SD card the day after I made changes for shadercache and compdata. Long and short, it’s a damn good thing I know Linux
    • So much Dwarf Fortress
  • XenoPhage
    • Uhh…  Remodeling more?
    • Playing High on Life..  What a trip
    • Started Cyberpunk 2077 (finally!)



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