Episode 132a – Our favorite Linux Commands

Welcome to Episode 132

Main Topic

Our favorite linux commands (or utilities)

  • Nate

    • Sed and awk, of course

    • Nmap

    • Tcpdump/wireshark

    • Lsblk

    • Libvirt

  • Unclemarc

    • GUIs and web access are fine, but nothing beats a command line

    • apropos

    • Or –help

    • ssh for all the things!

    • grep, from whom all goodness flows 

    • The performance commands: uptime, vmstat, iostat, top, sar, watch

    • Not a command per se, but systemd drop-in files

    • And, of course, man


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Intro and Outro music credit: Tri Tachyon, Digital MK 2


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