A new world, I am the Iron Sysadmin.

Hi Folks! It’s me, Nate.

It’s been several months since we put the show in moth-balls. I’ve since started a new off-road related podcast, and I’m having a ball! But it’s left me wondering what to do with The Iron Sysadmin brand.

See, I still very much enjoy creating content for you all. It’s why I do what I do for a living, and why I also do it in the off-road space. I love sharing information, trying to make a dent in the industry, and doing it on my terms. The problem with the Iron Sysadmin podcast was, that it was a bit too tight of a box for the sort of content that I want to create now. Talking about being a sysadmin is hard to do when you’re not living the sysadmin life. At least for me it is.

That being said though, sys-adminning is very much a hobby of mine, and staying relevant in that space is very important to my day job, where I try to show the value of RHEL to an audience of admins and the folks above them who write those purchase orders. To me, it’s really important that the messages I send as a technical marketing manager for a product like RHEL are also genuine. I am a Sysadmin at heart, I’ve done it since my early days when we were called SySops, running BBS’s in my parent’s basement, and in learning BIND and apache so I could stand up the early days of The Underground. After leaving the daily sysadmin grind, i started bringing a number of the services I’d moved off-prem to various services back to my home lab. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself, is that system administration is in my blood. I may not be doing it professionally, at least not officially, but my technical tool-belt needs to remain well oiled and operational.

So, what does that mean for The Iron Sysadmin? Well, it means we’re not dead. The Iron Sysadmin Podcast may be, but I am really starting to think about the future of The Iron Sysadmin as a whole.

I am the Iron Sysadmin, and there’s no reason the content has to stop. Early on I made the mistake of keeping my personal tech content and the Iron Sysadmin tech content separate. I don’t know why I did that, but you can see on The Undrblog that all through the life of the podcast, I’ve been creating blog content there around technology over there. I think that stops now, and that sort of content is now going to show up here! And I think video content will as well. I do blog and demo content all day long for the day job, and some things I’d like to show don’t really fit that venue, but no one says I cant share it myself, and really. Isn’t that WHY I’ve got sysadminning in my blood? Yes, yes it is, that desire to do it myself without limits and boundaries is exactly why I run sites like this.

So, Welcome back folks. I wouldn’t expect much of a schedule to all of this, but expect to see some familiar faces with their hands on keyboards producing wicked technical content.

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