Iron Vikings, Shared Valheim server

The Iron Sysadmin community has chosen to aid Odin, the Allfather, IN VALHEIM!

This page will contain some server information, mainly some rules we’d like folks to follow.

Agreed Upon Server Rules:

  1. We are playing in a semi-cooperative world, If you would like to build on your own, have fun! There are two caveats however
    • please do not progress the world by killing bosses not already hung on the altar without the consent of others on the server.
      • If you feel we’re ready to take on a boss, start a conversation in the #valheim channel in the Iron Sysadmin discord and get a consensus. 
    • Please do not alter other player’s builds without their consent.
  2. To protect the intended progression of the game, we ask that players do not bring along outside items with their character.  Valheim does not prevent this, and this makes it easy to farm items or even spawn them using dev commands in a local game, and then bring them into the server.  This ruins the fun for everyone.  The only exception is outlined in rule 3, regarding the state of your character when you join.
  3. On day 1 we would like everyone to start off at a level playing field.  Either a new character, or an existing character with NO items other than those that you would normally start with.  
    • As the world progresses, we realize that this rule becomes problematic.  If you would prefer to join with an existing character, please make sure that it is equipped with, at most, the highest level items from the previous biome. 
      • For example, if the world has progressed to the point where we are in the swamps, you may join with a viking that is equoipped with with max level bronze age items (bronze armor, troll hide armor, bronze weapons and tools).  In this example, joining with a viking equipped in Iron, is against the rules.

Connection Info

The server runs with Crossplay enabled. This means that the traditional servername:port method of connecting does not work. Instead you’ll open up valheim, and go over to the Join tab when you’re selecting what world you’d like to play in. Then select the Community tab, and you’ll be able to search for community servers. Our server is named IronHeim. You’ll likely want to favorite it.

I have run into duplication from time to time in the server list, I cannot explain it, and suspect its a valheim bug. It still seems to work however. You’ll see it in the screenshots below.