Episode 73 – Hosting from home, colo, or cloud

Welcome to Episode 73


Main Topic

Self hosting, vs cloud hosting, vs colo hosting

  • Control
    • Home: full control
    • Colo: less control but still high
    • IaaS: You’ve lost some control, but you still retain some. Decent trade off.
    • SaaS:  little to no control
  • Convenience
    • Home: Convenient for access, but just about nothing else.
      • Colo: Access is inconvenient, but power/cooling is much more convenient
    • IaaS: This can be very convenient if you’re not into dealing with hardware at all. 
    • SaaS:  the loss of control can be inconvenient, but your not responsible for most of the stack, so its super convenient that way. 
  • Excitement or passion
    • Home: If you’re passionate about privacy, or doing it yourself, this can be a huge thrill
    • Colo: This is actually very similar to hosting at home, you just arent worried about the power/cooling. 
    • IaaS: This isnt terribly different from Colo, unless you love tweaking hardware.  IaaS can be very fun for someone who likes to build. 
    • SaaS: I guess this depends on you, but SaaS is basically a canned solution, not much to get excited about.
  • UpTime/OnCall
    • Home: You, you, and you.. No backup…
    • Colo: You, you, and mostly you..  Backup maybe?
    • IaaS: You’re responsible for your apps
    • SaaS: You’re screwed.  Good luck.


  • Patreon Update
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  • Shmoocon, NEXT WEEKEND!
  • WOPRSummit – March 27-29
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  • DC610 2/5/2020 
  • RHUG! 


  • Through DM, via Twitter: Thanks @de_mentor for being a positive spokesman for this Open Source Community on ironsysadmin.com. You expressed a love for all things open source while at the same time encouraging PowerShell on Linux. I really appreciate your attitude and your positive voice 
  • From Youtube user Mark K.: Great episode! Interesting stuff about Powershell and hass.io is awesome!




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