EP74 – Automatica

Welcome to Episode 74

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Main Topic


  • Patreon Update
    • 22532
    • Andi
    • Charles
    • DeMentor PowerShellOnLinux.com
    • gimpyb
    • J
    • Jason B
    • Jon
    • Julius
    • Marc
    • Mark
    • Ryan
  • WOPR Summit – March 27-29 – Holiday Inn Express, Fort Washington, PA.
    • www.woprsummit.org


  • From Patron, Mark
    • love you guys! I’ve only been listening for a few months and have been catching up on some of your older episodes. While we’re so different in so many ways, I’ve noticed some similarities in our education & career background and love the way you guys bring a level-headed view to the news and net/sysadmin stuffs. The guests for the last few episodes have been fantastic too – in particular, BHIS with the Backdoors & Breaches and kringlecon have given me enough to fill up my spare time learning new techniques and software! Keep doing what you do!


  • Xeno is building retro gaming
  • Charles is doing train things with digital signals
  • Nate is building an armored bumper



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