Episode 76 – Coronageddon

Welcome to Episode 76

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/Dpj5y0GQUuU

Main Topic

  • Disaster Response, Forced work from home.
    • WidgetCo Inc.
      • 400 employees
        • Most employees are on-site workers
          • Mix of Desktops and Laptops
            • 160 (40%) Laptops, the rest are desktops
            • Those 160 take their laptops home
            • For the rest?
              • Vdi as a service?
              • Take your desktops home?
              • Use your home computer?
        • Sales team – already solved.
          • Already mobile so they can do their jobs
          • These workers have laptops
        • Overworked IT People: let them figure it out. 
          • Nate
          • Jason
      • On-Prem datacenter
        • Hosting local-access sales/marketing application
        • “Sensitive” files
        • Telephone PBX, Not VoIP 
          • Forward your desk phone to your cell or elsewhere.
        • Small VPN appliance, meant for allowing on-the-road sales team access to on-prem data
          • Stand up an openvpn access server?]
          • Expand licensing for vpn appliance.
      • Cloud hosted
        • Email
        • Docs 
        • Calendar
        • Web presence
    • Scenario:
      • There’s a global pandemic that the media has grossly blown out of proportion.  Senior management has asked that IT find a way to enable All staff to work remotely.  
    • Internet Traffic


  • Patreon Update
    • 22532
    • Andi
    • Charles
    • DeMentor PowerShellOnLinux.com
    • gimpyb
    • J
    • Jason B
    • Jon
    • Julius
    • Marc 
    • Mark 
    • Ryan 
  • Red Hat Summit has been converted to an online event, and it’s free! 
    • If you had tickets, you can get a refund, or convert your tickets to a 2021 conference pass
  • WOPRSummit postponed until September 18-20


TCP over carrier pidgin

★★★★☆ in Apple Podcasts by Welsh1lad from United Kingdom on February 28, 2020 


The show continues to improve , even more so since the host has joined red hat and we are now getting more hosts on the show than before. Sysadmin is a good place to listen to real world news and issues that are brought up in the news slot. The two hosts bounce off each other pretty well and seem very clued up on the subjects that they bring up. It’s a good show. Keep up good work

Trooper_Ish 1 week ago

Oh man, I missed it, and it had all the guests! Great show guys! 


Jason finished his bar top gaming system.  We talked about Mame.

Nate’s building a bumper for his jeep.



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