Episode 75 – All Gas, No Brakes

Welcome to Episode 75

Main Topic

YouTube URL: https://youtu.be/TP569JrjS4E 

Andi and Marc from the Red Hat Accelerators

  • Introductions
    • Who are Andi and Marc?
      • What is their quest?
        • What is Andi’s favorite color?
          • Blue? NO RED! 
  • What are the Red Hat Accelerators?
  • Why did you form the Accelerators? 
  • What sorts of things have the Accelerators done?
  • What does a customer get out of all this? 
  • What does Red Hat get out of it? 


URLs of note:

Accelerator Info (and application) https://access.redhat.com/accelerators OR https://red.ht/RedHatAcceleratorApp 

If my (Andi’s) blog is brought up: MisadventuresWithAndi.com 

Andi on Twitter @andi_fisher

Red Hat Accelerators on Twitter #RedHatAccelerator


  • Patreon Update
    • 22532
    • Andi
    • Charles
    • DeMentor PowerShellOnLinux.com
    • gimpyb
    • J
    • Jason
    • Jon
    • Julius
    • Marc
    • Mark
    • Ryan
  • Red Hat Summit is coming. https://summit.redhat.com 
    • April 27th – 29th 2020
  • War Operation Plan Response Its some kinda conference. 
    • March 27-29
    • BE THERE!
  • DC610! 


  • Nothing New…  #sadpanda
  • What’s a review?


  • Jason is building his bar top arcade cabinet



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Intro and Outro music credit: Tri Tachyon, Digital MK 2



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