Episode 82 – The Face

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The Face


  • Many responses say they hate FB, but feel like they have no choice but to participate
  • Peter from Twitter:
    • I removed Fb from my phone after the privacy scandals and removed any personal information that was not required – I much prefer Instagram (Facebook-lite if you will) because sharing pictures was a nice component that I valued and is typically positive in content and comment.
    • The biggest reason I dropped it aside the negativity was the time suck and distraction Facebook transforms any standard handheld device – I still use Facebook, but far more deliberately and perhaps once a week or less and I rarely comment or post now
  • Linuxsys666 from twitter
    • Deactivated about 6 months ago, haven’t missed it (SNR was quite low by then). I just use telegram and twitter occasionally now. Also these pocket computers have a telephone in them so I’ve gone back to using that feature
  • Will from Twitter
    • Left in the last year. Switched mostly to Twitter or just nothing at all.
      • How’s life without it? Do you feel like you’re missing out? And do you care?
    • Don’t care, don’t feel like I’m missing anything. Id say better without it. Most of what was left was political or irrelevant to my life which drove me away.
  • Rob from Twitter
    • I left Fb about 6 years ago . Was hard at first had to delete all apps . But live it now . It’s a great freedom
  • Trends from RH Conversation
    • I left FB because i got tired of the BS
    • Mental health
      • One response says they actually track their mental wellbeing, and the app theyre using to do so actually shows an improvement. I have questions… moodscope.com 
    • Lots of talk about echo chamber and social bubbles
    • Gamification..
      • Some believe that the platform is designed to show you the worst, so you keep checking back in to see if things have gotten better?
    • Privacy
      • A lot of folks cited privacy as the reason they’re no longer on fb
      • Some said it’s a losing battle, it doesn’t matter if you attempt to protect your privacy, its already lost
  • Alternatives
    • From all sources, i’ve heard only a few alternatives
      • Other social platforms, like insta, twitter, and some who actually liked g+
      • A move to chat platforms like discord, whatsapp



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  • Ruslan from Twitter
    • Thanks for great episode, guys! Especially for that post where f… Google blaming C & C++. Yep, those “engineers” are stupid! Hope in future you’ll discuss software development topics more. 😉




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