IronSysadmin Episode 83 with Chuck Gehman

Welcome to Episode 83

Main Topic

  • Interview with Chuck Gehman @charlesgehman
    • He’s got this book
      • https://www.manning.com/books/aws-cloudformation-in-action
      • Let’s talk about the contents of the book
      • It’s not done, let’s talk about MEAP
        • AManning Early Adopter Program
      • Scheduled for completion “early 2021”
      • We’ve got a discount code! Podironsys20
      • We also have Preview codes, good for 2 months of access
    • Perforce – version control
    • Infrastructure as Code
      • Let’s talk about what that is exactly
      • What sort of tools are usually leveraged here
      • And what about Cloud Formation? 
    • Automation Pipeline.


  • Patreon Update
    • S0l3mn
    • Erwin
    • Trooper_Ish 
    • LinuXsys666
    • gimpyb 
    • Ryan
    • tuxpreacher
    • Mark
    • DeMentor at PowerShellOnLinux.com 
    • Jon
    • Marc
    • Julius 
    • Andi
    • Charles
    • 22532




  • [unclemarc] It’s the Steam Summer Sale, so I’ll probably buy some more games I won’t play. I did buy a HOTAS, which makes Elite Dangerous much more fun…and playing in VR is sick! Also, Deep Rock Galactic gets 5 out of 5 drunken violent dwarves in space. It’s a must buy if you like coop shooters. Or drunken space dwarves. 
  • Charles fell off his bike… 
  • Nate’s jeep is still broken. 



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