Episode 84 – With Chris Wright! Red Hat CTO!

Welcome to Episode 84

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/gbyZ-zT2XgU 

Main Topic

Interview with Chris Wright! 

  • Who is Chris? 
    • Red Hat CTO
  • How did Chris become Red Hat’s CTO?
  • What Open Source projects has Chris contributed to?
  • What does Chris use as his daily battlestation?
  • What does Chris do for fun that has nothing to do with computers? Or at least Red Hat computers
  • Star Trek or Star Wars? (Battlestar Galactica?)
    • ST:TOS
    • ST:TNG
    • ST:DS9
    • ST:V
    • ST:E
    • ST:D
    • …
    • Which Star Wars episodes?  1-2?  4-6?  7-9?  Rogue One?
  • Open discussion
    • What has been your Favorite Part of being the CTO of Red Hat? & What is a home project you are working on?
    • (at this point, anything else Chris would like to talk about)


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  • Nothing new


  • [unclemarc]
    • The miraculous resurrection of my lab’s performance
    • New cgroups blog in marketing and legal review…cpusets in cgroup v2 yo!
    • Back in Everquest because I’m a crazy person


  • [nate]


  • [friz]
    • Octoprint!



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